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Cyclogest Hell !!!!!

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Cyclogest Hell !!!!!

Postby debbie » Sat Sep 14, 2002 11:27 am

Hi<br>I am on day 4 of 2WW, and suffering! Up until I started the pessaries I had coped quite well with all treatment, but started using 400mg twice a day starting the evening of E/T (11/9), I feel awful really sore boobs and a horrible bloated very painful tummy I feel as though I am 3 stone heavier than last week, is there anything I can take for this? or does anyone know of a natural cure for what I think is trapped wind! It can get really uncomfortable at times. I dont think I've got any A/F pain, although I cant really tell- just very sore. This is my 1st attempt- any advise would be great thanks<br>Debbie<br>
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Cyclogest Hell !!!!!

Postby Lucy » Sun Sep 15, 2002 7:13 pm

Hi Debbie<br><br>It should wear off a little bit. I have this problem for about 5 days after starting the cyclogest and it can be really painful. I also, always get very constipated so I went to my G.P who gave me a glycerin laxative this now does the trick. If you are feeling really uncomfortable talk to your doctor. You may also be having some after effects of very mild hyperstimulation. <br>Drinking warm bolied water should help with the trapped wind along with some gentle exercise (Walking)<br>Remember your body has been put through alot recently so will take a while to feel better.<br>The best advice is to talk to the doctor. <br>best of luck<br>Lucy <br><br>
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