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Ready to join in - yipeeeeee

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Ready to join in - yipeeeeee

Postby Leanne » Fri Apr 22, 2005 5:16 pm

Hello everyone!
I am not new to the boards but I have taken up the opportunity to do the history thing as I am starting my sniffs soon.

I am 32 DH is 34 soon to be 35. We have been married for nearly 7 years and started ttc as soon as we were married.

We tried Chlomid and that didn't work but it did show I was getting cysts on my ovaries. I had a laporoscopy which revealed I had severley scarred tubes, had another op. to cut away scar tissue and stretch tubes - apparently sucessful op. but still no pregnancy.

They tried to do a blue dye flush ( can't remeber name of it) but they couldn't get the catheter in my cervix!!!

Started ivf and they couldn't get the catheter in still so I had another op. to stretch my cervix ( makes your eyes water doesn't it).

Still couldn't get the catheter in so I had to have a transyometrial transfer. This is where the tube gets passed through the uterus muscle wall rather than the cervix, have to have a local anaesthetic as it is very painful else.

We produced 18 eggs and only 4 perished. We have had 1 fresh transfer and 2 frozen all -tive.

We are now due to start our 4th attempt and we will be doing a fresh cycle with the blastocyst method and we will be egg sharing.

If anybody has anything they want to ask about please let me know x

Wishing you all loads of luck and looking forward to getting to know you all x
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Postby AliasR » Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:18 pm

Hi there veteran!

Good luck for your treatments, and count me in for whatever you need!

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Postby Sand » Sat Apr 23, 2005 9:04 am

Hi Leanne ... Once again, GOOD LUCK for this cycle. 4th time lucky !!

Sandra x
Me 41 yrs old - dh 49 yrs old. ttc 110 yrs.
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2nd cycle (ICSI)....Aug 04 -ve.
3rd cycle FET........May 05 -ve.
4th cycle (ICSI) ... Feb 06 -ve
5th cycle FET ..... Feb/Mar 11
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Postby me » Sat Apr 23, 2005 4:40 pm

Just wanted to wish you good luck, sounds like four is the magic number for you.
Kerry x
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Postby LittleP » Sat Apr 23, 2005 10:07 pm

Hi Leanne

You know me but I just wanted to wish you tons and tons and tons of PMA and good luck wishes.

You know where I am if you need a chat.

Take care of yourself

Little P :D
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