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The November Testing Trio

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The November Testing Trio

Postby Susi » Thu Nov 14, 2002 6:30 pm

Hi Tracy D n Susan,<br><br>I have been travelling these past few days and was wondering how you 2 are doing ? I had some cramps until yesterday and now everything seems a bit calm ?! Also feel bloated as anything.. A sooo tempted to do a test but Sarah30 , rightly, advised against it since I did the hcG jab and am on pessaries... Are you 2 tempted to do a home test ? DH is away iuntil the 21 st so I can go amd without driving him crazy too.. Well, hope to hear from you soon<br><br>S
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The November Testing Trio

Postby Tracey D » Thu Nov 14, 2002 6:56 pm

Hi Lovey,<br><br>Yes feeling a bit miserable at the moment. Period pains since Sunday. Seem to get worse at night. My tummy is gradually going down as I looked about 4 months pregnant last week and like last time I put on 1/2 stone so the trousers were very tight!<br><br>Can't say i'm feeling positive. Felt like this after 6 iui's and my last IVF, keep trying to make myself feel better by reading other postings of pregnant girlies who said they had bad period pains during 2ww but then turned out to be pregant. Mind you I don't know how you feel but things like that always happen to other people and not to me - boo hoo!<br><br>No, don't test! There's no way it would be accurate at such an early stage. I was thinking about testing next Wednesday but I have decided to definitely wait until Thursday. Hopefully af won't rear her ugly head before then, especially when i am at work!!!<br><br>Take Care<br><br>Tracey D
Tracey D
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