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Quick update

Postby SallyP » Thu May 19, 2005 8:19 am

Hi girls,

I'm off on holiday to the Lake District for a couple of weeks so won't be on the board for a couple of weeks. I'm really glad of the break as I've been so busy in work it's been mad. I've been trying to get home on time to see Jay so as I can on;y post in work, i haven;t been on the board as much as I'd like.

Jay's 15 months now and his teeth are coming thick and fast. he's also becoming very independent and is starting to get very frustrated and dramatic when he doesn't get his own way. I'm being very firm with him though as I was reading your 'terrible 2's information on the other thread and I think I've got to be firm with him as far as acceptable behaviour goes. My mum looked after him the other day for a couple of hours and said very diplomatically 'oooh - he knows his own mind doesn't he!'. Bless!

Shell - I couldn't do you a pm back for some odd reason, so I replied to your msg on the hello mums thread - did you see it? I couldn't see some of the pics of Alex either - I could just see the one where he is looking at the camera with those big beautiful eyes! think my computer is having problems.

I want to put up a poster of Jay - I have a pic as a jpeg - how do I post? Also, sorry but have not had chance to see your friend's site yet - I wish I had more time!

Jay seems to be going off his food a bit - well eating less I suppose - I've read that's true once they get a bit bigger - how#s Alex's eating?

Also, Jay still has his evening milk out of a bottle (full bottle), plus a few swigs out of a bottle in the morning. I've tried a beaker but he just shakes his head and cries until I get the bottle. Do any other older babies still have an evening bott;le? I think it's a comfort thing, so am not worried about it, but shall I leave it until he gives it up himself?

Debra - hope your scan goes well - congratulations on your second miracle.

And to Jules and all the others having another go - best of luck and lots of baby dust being blown your way from me and Jay.

Be back on in a couple of weeks - love to you all and your babies,
love Sally xxxx
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Postby DebraP » Thu May 19, 2005 7:01 pm

Sally, have a lovely holiday. Enjoy all that undiluted family time.

Maya had a night-time bottle until she was about 17-18m I think, I let her decide when to stop and she did, one day she said no. I was planning to continue as it was a great source of fluid for her but I'd not be too worried. As long as Jay's stopped by the time he reaches college, no one will ever know!

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Postby Jules R » Thu May 19, 2005 7:16 pm

Hi Sally!

I hope that you have a lovely relaxing break. We're up to our eyes in a house move at the moment so I could do with a break!

Thanks for your good wishes. I had an HSG on Tuesday and my tubes are fine so that's a relief.

Daniel and Charlotte still had evening bottles until they were 2. I know that HVs don't like it but I feel that there are more important things to worry about. And once we changed to a beaker in the evening, they stopped that feed altogether and then we had the worry that they weren't drinking enough milk.

Take care.

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Postby bubblymichelle » Thu May 19, 2005 10:03 pm

Hi Sally,

Lovely to hear from you and even better that we keep in touch.

I hope you have a wonderful time away I am sure you will, I know you will enjoy every minute spent with Jay. I understand that working etc.. it is so hard to get to spend quality time with our little ones.

Please don't worry about Jay, Alex is 15 months also and I was saying that he won't have breakfasts he really does put up a fight. This morning all he ended up having was a Banana but he kept saying no to everything else.

I wouldn't be worried about Jay having his milk before he goes to bed at all and I wouldn't worry that he still has a bottle. Alex don't drink a lot of milk but asn't really since he was born, but he will drink 9oz of water instead of his milk before he goes to sleep. His bottle is now topped up with another 9oz because he will wake in the night and drink that and start on his other one.

Don't worry about not getting chance to go on my friends site, don't feel you have to!!

If you want to email me the photo of Jay I don't mind putting it on for you or you can do it yourself on website www.photobucket.com but its much easier for me to do it then explain to you.

Anyway I best leave it there I have typed an essay.

Debra - Lovely to see you posting, how are you?
Zoe - How are you? How is Sam?
Is he walking yet?

Take Care All
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