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Hi My name is Simon.

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Hi My name is Simon.

Postby Simon Maynard » Fri Aug 19, 2005 4:04 pm

My girlfriend and I are from South Africa and have come over to the Uk on a two year working visa. I am currently employed at a restaurant in buckinghamshire. I'm writing to find out for myself what it is that my girlfriend Dineel who is 24, has in full. She is a stewerdess on a boat, which is in Denmark at present.

We have been together for little under two years now. Dineel had been diagnosed with Endermetriosis some time back before I met her. These are the things I know.

a. She suffers from very eratic periods that have an unusually heavy flow that lasts for much longer than seven days sometimes even 10 to 12 days. Why is this?

b. When she has her period she goes through a massive amount of pain and has to take the strongest pain tablets that she can find to relieve her pain.

c. The doctor has told her, the one she had been seeing in South-Africa that she is incapable of becoming pregnant and or if she does it would be highly unlikely that the child would go to full term. Also that it would be highly dangerous for her health and the childs.

d. what is endermetriosis and what causes it? I'm aware that it has something to do with heavy scaring on the uterious walls that leave the lining unable to stretch, the tissue is heavly scared over and over again. Where can I find out more information?

e. She had her period a week and a half ago which was very heavy, painful and long as usual and now she has phoned me again today and told me that she is bleeding again and is in very much pain. Only 12 days later.

f. I have asked her to go to the doctor on a number opf occasions which she has and I don't seem to be getting all the facts as to how extensive this is and what we should do to help her.

What should she be doing and where should we be going and who should we be talking to to help her get through this and possibly help her with pregnancy? If anyone could give me some advice that I could give to her I would appreciate it.

Thank you
Simon Maynard
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Postby k » Fri Aug 19, 2005 4:40 pm

Hi Simon

Im sorry you and Dineel are having to go through this and also not seem to get any answers. I cant personally help on endometriosis, but this website does have some good information on it. If you look under 'Infertility' and 'causes of infertility' there is info on endometriosis on p5. It also gives other websites.
If you dont get many answers on this introductions side then it might be worth posting a question on the General Forum specifically asking re this.
Im sure you will get some replies from women who have had similar experience who can help answer your questions.
Good luck!

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Postby olivia » Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:56 am

Hi simon

sorry about the problems you and your girfirnd are having. I too have endometriosis but sounds like not as severe as your girlfriend.
I have struggled with severe pain and heavy irregular periods for as long as I can remember.
I had a lap and dye in march which confirmed my problem and was told that we would struggle to have children naturally (my husband has problems too which didn't help) However, some how we have concieved naturally, doctors don't always get it right.
I think your girlfriend needs to be refered to a infertility specialist, they will be able to offer advice about the baby thing but also about ways to improve her pain and horrible periods.

I wish you both luck

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Postby DebraP » Sun Aug 21, 2005 6:37 pm

Simon, there is a book many of us recommend which deals with fertility issues and goes into some detail re. the possible causes, possible self-help (eg. nutrition, diet, therapies) and the implications on trying to conceive - both naturally and via fertility tmt. I just looked in it for endo and the author (Zita West - Fertility & Conception) has plenty of advice. I know at this stage you're asking about the medical issue itself vs. impact on fertility but it might be worth borrowing from a good library (or ordering from amazon or play.com). Lastly, it sounds like Dineel's endo is severe and for that she must see a doctor.

Good luck
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