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Postby kcgal » Sat Oct 08, 2005 3:13 am

Hi Tasja,

Thanks for the encouragement. As much as I despise needles, I would go through it to conceive. I love kids and it is pretty devastating that we couldn't conceive naturally. Seems like everyone around us including friends and family don't have any issues. It's also pretty sad that I am on my 2ww from the iui and I am not even thinking about it because the stats was that bad!! Anyway, I think I am a little emotional from the meds that I have taken for the iui. So where are you from? And are you on your 2ww?
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Tomorrow is the Day

Postby Linda Wood » Tue Nov 29, 2005 4:27 am

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while sense I last wrote I have been so involved with this whole thing, it sure is a lot to get used to. Well the day has come and tomorrow is the pregnancy test to see if it worked. I am very optimistic at this point! I am also very scared!!! I would love some support. Has anyone gotten this far yet. :?

Looking forward to hearing from some of you :lol:
Linda Wood
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Postby souris » Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:57 pm

Hiya Linda!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Wish you the best and a BFP!!! loads of baby dust!

Take care
finger crossed
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Feb 09 6th ICSI has started! neg
June 09 7th ICSI. Please make it happen!!
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Postby AMck » Tue Nov 29, 2005 6:14 pm

Linda, hi!

A big day tomorrow, Wishing you loads of luck and hoping you get a BFP :D

If you go to the general forum you will see lots of ladies testing in the next few days, you may like to read some of their stories. Try November buddies or Nov test dates.

Sending baby dust your way, thinking of you, let us know how you get on

bye for now, take care
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Postby slcannon » Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:07 pm

Hi Linda,

Wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Here's to hoping you close out November with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of baby dust coming your way.

Lots of love,
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Postby kcgal » Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:05 am

Good luck Linda!!!! We're all excited to hear the results!
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Postby Linda Wood » Sat Dec 03, 2005 12:32 am

Hello all you wonderful supportive Ladies!!

Thanks so much for all of your support, unfortunately the test results came back negative. :cry: I have to look at it with a possitive perspective, and look forward to the next cycle. I start my new cycle in January Jeff (Husband) and I are looking forward to starting over with our frozen embryos, we have heard the stats are good for frozen ones. We have 4 frozen and when they thaw we end up with 85% so that will give us 3 embryos to implant.

I cried :( but I always look at the bright side! :wink:

Thanks so much again for all of your support! The good part about this next cycle is I won't have to take all of the stimulation drugs :?

Linda Wood
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