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IVF/Unexplained infertility

Postby arthurlam » Thu Dec 01, 2005 5:56 pm

Do anyone know why In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can increase the change of pregnancy for couples with unexplained infertility.
I have a though but I donot know is it correct or not ??

In a typical IVF cycle. the ovaries will be shutted down and then re-activate. May be under this condition It will wake up the female fertility cycle. May be the normal birth control pill can achieve this purpose ???
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Postby seepi » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:43 am

I think there are all sorts of reasons for unexplained infertility. It may be that the ovaries need help to function, it may be that the sperm and the egg don't meet and fertilise on their own, or it may be that all that happens and the embryos don't implant properly in the womb. IVF makes sure everything happens except implantation which they can't control. But they can make sure the womb lining is as good as it can be, and the embryos are strong. The last bit is still up to us.
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