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New from Jacksonville, FL

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New from Jacksonville, FL

Postby jojopaisley » Fri Jan 13, 2006 2:01 am

Hi My name is Jo.
I have been trying to conceive for 7 years now. I was 33 when we began trying. First 1.5 years we tried on our own. After the first year of trying we beganing incorporating Clomid to noavail. Finally a new doctor decided to do numerous tests to see why I wasn't getting pregnant. We found out I had endometriosis. So after 6 months of Lupron, I was told either get pregnant or have a hysterectomy. I then started seeing a fertility doctor. We did 2 IUIs with clomid, then 2 IUIs with Injextion. Nothing. Husbands sperm count is very high.
July 2004 we tried IVF for the fist time. There were 2 embies but not very strong. There cells began to break down before the transfer. I got a BFN.

We just did our second IVF on December 7th 2005 (this time using donor eggs. We transferred 3 embies, and we got a BFP. I was so excited. I just turned 40 and I was pregnant for the first time.

But, on January 5th I began to bleed. Wen't to the ER and they said I had miscarried. I went home that night and cried myself to sleep. The next morning I went to see my OBYGN and she said that my cervix was still closed so we had an ultrasound done. I was still pregnant and the was one sac, but that could not see a fetal heartbeat. I was only 6 weeks pregnant. So, I was on bedrest for the weekend if not longer. They wanted me back in on Jan. 13th for another ultrasound.
I misscarried over the weekend.

I am devastated. I am hoping we can afford to do IVF one more time. And if we can I pray that it takes.

I keep feeling I must of done something wrong to lose my baby.

Jo :cry:
Me:40 DH:39
7 yrs ttc
4 IUI's all BFN
1st IVF BFN 7/04
2nd IVF: 12/05 BFP m/c 6wks
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Postby Kat » Fri Jan 13, 2006 7:00 pm

Hi Jo, welcome to the boards. You will get incredible support on here.
I was sorry to read your story - and please, please don't feel you are doing anything wrong. My story is similar to yours and I really feel for you. I understand the way you feel right now but the old cliche is true - it really does get better with time.
Come and join us on the over 40s thread and talk some more
Kat xx
Me & DH both 41
ICSI #1 - abandoned
#2 - cancelled - DH accident
#3 - 1 transferred, bfn
#4 - 2 transferred, bfn
#5 - abandoned
#6 - no eggs at EC
#7 - DE in Barcelona - bfp but lost Dec'05
#8 - DE UK - bfn
#9 - FET Sept/Oct '07....
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Postby souris » Sat Jan 14, 2006 7:40 am

Hi Jo and welcome here,

I am truly sorry for your miscarriage... the girls are great here and i am sure you will get plenty of support!

Finger crossed for your next cycle

take care#
Me 27, DH 55
04/ 05 ICSI -tive 02/06 ICSI. No fertilisation
09/ 06 ICSI. BFP!!! M/C at 12 weeks.04/07 ? ICSI -tive
04/08 ICSI BFP!!! M/C at 12 weeks
Feb 09 6th ICSI has started! neg
June 09 7th ICSI. Please make it happen!!
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Postby jojopaisley » Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:29 pm

Thanks Souris and Kat,
I was actually reading this forum during my 2WW and wanted to post then but afraid that I would jinx myself.
But I believe I need the support of other women who know what I am going through.
I have lots of friends who feel so bad for me but, I truly think that over the last 7 years while that have had their 2-4 babies, I really don't think they truly understand the emotions and pain that I have gone through.

One friend actually said that you were just meant for greater things. As if I was suppose to give up. They don't understand. I know she meant well but that statement made me more upset.

I so don't want to give up. Being pregnant for just 6 weeks made me realize how much I want a baby, and how much I want to be a mom.
That greater thing that I am meant for is to be a very loving and supportive mom to my child or children.

So I am here!
And very thankful that I will be able to meet new friends during my continuing journey to motherhood.
Me:40 DH:39
7 yrs ttc
4 IUI's all BFN
1st IVF BFN 7/04
2nd IVF: 12/05 BFP m/c 6wks
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Postby bubblymichelle » Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:37 pm


I just want to say hello and welcome, you've come to the right place for support everyone is fab here. Sorry to hearthe news about your miscarriage.

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