How do you afford it?

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Post by baylorbear33 » Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:48 pm

When my DH and I discovered our fertility issues, we decided to go straight to IVF as this was our best option and we didn't want to throw good money after bad by trying IUI, etc. first. We made the decision to try one IVF cycle given the expense, and if it was unsuccessful, we would go with adoption. We were actually part of a study, so we ending up spending $10K on the cycle. This cost included ICSI, freezing of remaining embryos, etc. We were lucky, and I actually became pregnant with the IVF fresh cycle (lost our twins at 19 weeks), became pregnant with the first FET (mis-carried at 5 1/2 weeks), and became pregnant with our last FET (currently 16 weeks pregnant). If you are looking for a sure thing, I would recommend the possibility of adoption. While it too is expensive, eventually you will be successful in bringing home a baby. Good luck to you.
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Post by jennywit » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:37 pm

Tapio-while that sounds like a lot to some....I can tell you here in Connecticut I paid $24,750 (approx) last year for my IVF which included meds, monitoring, and everything after it was all added up. It is a leap of faith going thru ivf but oh so worth it if you are one of the LUCKY ones like me. Although it is an overwhelming thought it would be so worth it. So I won't have a new car, kitchen, clothes etc....for the next ten years or so but what other choice do we have?????? Best of Luck to you, the money has a way of working out, just BELEIVE and your child to be will be priceless!!!!!
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Post by ladybug09 » Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:58 am

Hi Tapio,
Miner_79 is talking about the shared donor. I am one. But all my labs and other important stuff came back normal. When I saw I couldnt afford it and my insurance didnt cover anything my dr recommended it and I donated have of my eggs in exchange the other couple paid for my whole ivf, I just paid a few hundred dollars here and there for other tests and to freeze my remaining embryos but if it wasnt for that I couldnt afford it. Hope all goes well.
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