CS or Natural delivery, Breastfeed or bottle feed for TWINS

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CS or Natural delivery, Breastfeed or bottle feed for TWINS

Post by divinagracia » Sat Apr 22, 2006 1:24 pm

I'm expecting twins. I was talking to some girls last night and she had twins. I was asking her advice what to go for. I was hoping to go for natural birth.She had CS and the reason is, sometimes both babies dont come at the same time. Usually twin 1 comes naturally easy but twin 2 sometimes dun come as expected and end up having CS. I dun wana take the risk of being cut open in 2 sides(belly n natural) or else how scould i look after my newborn in severe pain.Another reason, T1 comes naturally easy n have to wait for hours for T2 to come and end up baby with brain damage. I'm really confused now. Some says its ez to give natural birth coz usually T2 will just come easy after T1 coz ur already open n pain is already there so u wont really feel the pain as much as the first one.Also the advantage on giving natural birth, u feel the pain now and gone tomorrow whilst CS 6 weeks to heal and so many DON'Ts.

Feeding? We read books and see pictures showing twins having breastfed. Looks really easy holding 2 heads at the same time but is it really easy? I just cant imagine if one nipple pop out from babies mouth, how could i put them back if my other hand is supporting the other one? Do i have to feed them together?Doesnt have to all the time but how about if both little ones are hungry at the same time. Does breast pumps helps in this matter?

Any suggestion/ advice for moms with twins?
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Natalie Anne
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Post by Natalie Anne » Sat Apr 22, 2006 3:46 pm


think you probably meant to post this on the "pregnant after treatment" forum cos nearly everyone on the "general" forum is still trying and hoping!

just wanted to say though that you have given me encouragement because i see you had lots of negatives before you were lucky enough to get pregnant with twins.

i am on my 6th attempt and you've given me some hope!

good luck getting answers to your questions and congratulations on your twin pregnancy.

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Post by charlie77 » Sat Apr 22, 2006 5:05 pm

hiya glad you gotta possitive result
i think posts like this one belong in pregnant after treatment to be honest
as most of the ladies in here are trying to get pregnant
although im sure all the girls here are pleased for you though :lol:
well done

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Post by JayfromQld » Sat Apr 22, 2006 10:59 pm

Hi divinagracia

I just had boy/girl twins on the 5th of april. I had a c-section because I wasnt willing to take any risks with these precious gifts. My husband was very much against having a natural birth so i never let myself think about doing it that way. I am breastfeeding both the twins, but if i can get away with it I feed them seperatly, i enjoy it more and like to bond with each baby, but when both want boobie then i get the twin feeding pillow and football hold them. I couldnt twin feed at the same time if my hubby wasnt around to lift the babies on and off me at the moment though. i think as I get more adept it wont be an issue. My c-section recovery was great I was home from the hospital with the twins 2 days after they were born at 36 weeks 5 days. And I can honestly say its caused me no pain since day one. I had a natural delivery with my daughter and I can tell you the recovery time was pretty much the same, the c-section might even have been faster.

Best wishes

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