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Discusses our various infertility advertising solutions.

Infertility advertising solutions

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The site offers banner ads and page sponsorships, which provide an effective method for reaching large numbers of highly targeted infertility customers. Please feel free to contact us using the feedback section if you have any specific questions.

Details About ivf-infertility.com's Banner Ads and Page Sponsorships

  • Three-months minimum service and £100 minimum order; advance payment is required.
  • Banner Ads allows the creation of a more attractive ad than page sponsorship text and may enhance your branding. Banner ads must be either 728x90 pixels or 300x250 pixels and contain no obscene images or language. If you need to develop a banner ad image, we would be happy to develop one for you.
  • Page Sponsorship allows more words than a banner ad, and allows the promotion to look more like the web page and not stand out as much as a banner ad. Your page sponsorship text will be placed inside a colored box at the top of the web page. The text at the top of the sponsorship box will say "This page is sponsored by..." which will be followed by a 25-word description, which you need to provide.

Charges are £10 per CPM (cost-per-thousand page views) - equivalent to about per CPM. This charge is equal to one pence for each page view, which is a typical industry charge for promotion to a specialized target audience. For example a web page that receives two thousand page-views per month would cost £30 per month. A web page that receives seven thousand page-views per month would cost £70 per month.