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sperm agglutination.....

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sperm agglutination.....

Postby porkyluck » Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:18 pm

been unable to conceive w/ wife. went to urologist and had seman analysis. everything was good but alot of pus and thick made sperm clump together. put me on dioxycycline for 30 days. returned and gave another specimen. this stopped the clumping and everthing seemed to be working but the wbc count was still high so i remained on the dioxycyclin for 30 more days. went back yesterday and gave specimen and he said that the results showed clumping again......above average amt of mobile sperm though. he said that it became resistant to the dioxycycline and now has me on a septra generic combo for 30 days.

any thought, comments, and or concerns about this and treatment? thanks
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