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Post by SQUEW » Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:43 pm

Hi Kelly

Lovely to hear from you.Hannah sounds like she is doing really well, fancy waving goodbye already!! wow!!
Alexander and Evie are doing really well and I can’t believe
they are eight and a half months old already! Evie has 2 bottom teeth, and Alex has just got his 1st one. He is crawling and pulling himself up on
everything. Just as it seemed things were getting easier they get
mobile, eek! You were right!!I have invested in a large playpen, now known as the prison :lol: . I can’t get over how quickly they grow up. Alex is such a boy, into everything, and also very ahead but he is also much more sensitive and cuddly, he is now over 21lb.. 3lb heavier than Evie.
She is very dainty and is happy to sit quietly and play, but boy can
she put her parts on…wonder who she gets that from?!, wont be
cuddled, and doesn’t really care who she is with! They are hard
work, However as you know I wouldn’t change a thing!
Evie has just started to babble, it was really funny as she was studying me so hard she started to copy opening her mouth but no sound came out! She looked like a ventriloqiusts(sp!) dummy, however my Mum is chuffed as her favorite babble is Nan Nan, followed by Mum Mum and Dad dad!! Alex is too busy getting into everything to be bothered with talking, but he can clap hands :D It was so sweet the other day as Evie was bouncing like mad in her door bouncer and he crawled up and applauded her :lol:
Mine like being outside too, and very unseasonably for us we are having a very hot summer so far. I bought a paddling pool which they love and we have also taken them swimming which Evie is mad for bless her, she loves it!! Evie is fine with sun cream but you would think I was trying to murder Alex the fuss he makes :roll:
Can you believe next month Hannah will be a year old?! Do you have any plans for her birthday?
Hope to hear from you soon, oh and as for photos, I will pm you my e mail as that will prob be a hell of a lot easier than trying to work out photo bucket, and if you give me yours we can send some that way!!

Lots of love
Sue xx
Me 41 DP 40 3 xIVF,2 x FET all neg, 4th IVF +ve !!!! Twins!!Evie Lara 6lb 5 and Alexander Jack 6lb 9 38wks + 2 days


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Post by Traci » Mon Sep 18, 2006 8:08 am

you are so not funny

go back to your playground
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