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baby now 8 weeks old

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

baby now 8 weeks old

Postby Karen louise O » Sat Sep 28, 2002 2:33 pm

Hi everyone,<br><br>Have not been on this new board but was always on the old one when i was going through ivf.<br><br>My boy Connor is now 8 weeks old and has his first jabs next week. He is great. Just started to smile this week and weighs a wopping 12lb 7.<br>He was 8 14 when he was born by c section.<br><br>I wish you all well, you never stop worrying until the baby is in your arms. Then its just a new set of worries.<br><br>Good luck to you all<br><br>love Karen louise xxxxxxx
Karen louise O
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baby now 8 weeks old

Postby Dee » Sun Sep 29, 2002 3:30 pm

Karen Louise<br><br>Just wanted to say Congratulations! A lot of the old names have disappeared and I have been losing track of when people are due. Wonderful news that Connor is well and that things are going so well for you.<br><br>I am booked in for a c-section on 27 Nov, so not too long to go now. I'm really excited although a bit unsure of how I will feel after the section. Did you need a lot of help afterwards?<br><br>Congratulations again to all of you.<br><br>Love<br>Dee xxx.
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baby now 8 weeks old

Postby Loonpants » Mon Sep 30, 2002 8:54 am

Hi Karen-Louise<br><br>I lost track with all this new site etc and I remembered that you were due as I was leaving Cyprus. How time flies I can't believe Connor is eight weeks already. I bet you and hubby are always walking around in a daze with big grins on your faces even in the middle of the night!!!<br><br>Don't be a stranger now you have found us again. I'm always being nosey to see how you are all getting on.<br><br>Regards<br><br>Lisa(Loonpants)<br>
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baby now 8 weeks old

Postby NickyJ » Tue Oct 29, 2002 6:32 am

Hi Karen-Louise,<br><br>COngratulations...sorry it has been a while but I am just getting back to work(normal) and am just now finding the time to catch up on things. I bet you are still on cloud nine, and every change or new thing is just the best!<br><br>Sending a big hug from the Rebecca, Ross and me!!!<br><br>Love<br>Nicky
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