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aches and pains

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aches and pains

Postby bubblymichelle » Tue Jul 01, 2003 5:31 am

Hi Everyone<br><br>I am 11 wks and 2 days pregnant today, but still being sick, is this normal. Also I have had some pains in my tummy like pulling pains and also sometimes they have been sharp pains. Not sharp enough to take my breath away but I know they are there.<br>I also get a weird feeling round my belly button, I am new to all this pregnancy malarkie and I am wondering if any of you out there are feeling exactly the same way as me.<br><br>Love<br>Shell.<br>xx
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aches and pains

Postby SallyP » Tue Jul 01, 2003 8:48 am

Hiya Shell,<br>I'm a bit behind you - 8 weeks 4 days, but have been having similar things:<br><br>Still got very sore boobs<br>Keep getting period type pain a couple of times a day for a few minutes each time - this is just stretching of the uterus - I read that it needs to expand to 1000 times its normal size, so the stretching is normal - we might feel this more as we will have endo adhesions so more stretching. If it's bad, a hot water bottle works.<br>I think the sharp pains are more stretching but of a ligament type - if you sort of bend into them and try and relax that helps.<br>Morning sickness will last until week 12 - 14 I think - I got some Sea Bands acupressure wrist band from Boots on the advice of this page and my sickness has almost disappeared so they're well worth it.<br>Also, Twinings do a lemon and ginger tea which is not too disgusting and really works too.<br><br>Have not had the tummy button pain yet, but apart from that I'm feeling the same!<br>love Sally xxx<br>
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aches and pains

Postby tshepher » Tue Jul 01, 2003 9:30 am

Hi Shell<br>Sounds like you're perfectly normal. I'm coming up to 33 weeks and was sick right up to week 15/16, some girls go on even longer. <br>The strange belly button feeling just gets worse ..in a nice sort of way and the other pains are normal, like you say just everything pulling and stretching into shape.<br>If you have any worries, be sure to raise then with your midwife though, they are great and really help to put your mind at rest.<br>Good Luck<br>Terri<br>xxxxx<br>
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aches and pains

Postby Tracey S » Tue Jul 01, 2003 9:57 am

shell<br><br>hiya - how goes it twingy! I am 10 weeks and have streching pains and af type pains sometimes - the ligaments pulling are the worse and sometimes have sharp stabbing pains that can catch me unawares. Have to wriggle in bed sometimes to "stretch them out". THese can be mixed with colon pains and wind still. Thought I had missed the nausea and sickness but was sick a couple of time last week - once yesterday morning after some herbal tea for breakfast and like a prat decided to try another banana yesterday lunch at work - I have gone off them recently and I love bananas but ripe ones taste toxic to me. well had approx 45 seconds to run up two flights of stairs to be sick - god knows what the office thought. feel very nauseious in the mornings and a bit at night or if I don't eat. Boobs still sore - was worried as came off the pessaries on saturday and thought baby might not like me going cold turkey but they hurt again just as much now - thinks my body is readjusting itself after the excess progesterone.<br><br>Take care<br>Love<br>Tracey<br>xxxxx
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