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Searching for an Egg donor in Canada

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Searching for an Egg donor in Canada

Postby tachour » Sat May 24, 2008 5:22 pm

We are a very loving and dedicated husband and wife. We want a family, we want a part of us in this world, we want to hear a baby cry in our home. My tubes are blocked and can't be unblocked. We were told to have IVF. We had a wonderful friend offer to be our egg donor.After all the testing,counselling and travelling to another province to the clinic, we were told that our donor needs to lose 40 pounds or no egg retrieval is possible.
We were devastated,not just me and my husband,but also our donor. Now we are left to find another donor, another kind and loving person who is willing to help us. Are you out there? Can somebody donate eggs so we can begin the dream we've held onto for so long now?
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