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Retrieval in 2 days

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Retrieval in 2 days

Postby Latie » Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:24 am

Hi everyone,

Periodically over the last year I have browsed the blogs and message boards, and only now am I joining in . . . . Seems like a very supportive bunch online and I am so interested in what's going on for others at the same point in their cycle that I'm in. My u/s today showed 11 follicles at 15 mm+, with a few smaller ones. MD predicts being able to retrieve 8-13 (optimistically, if some can be retrieved from those follicles smaller than 15 mm).

Have had 9 IUIs, ramping up from "natural cycle" thru Clomid and Repronex/Ovidrel. It's on to IVF now. I'm hopeful in there somewhere, but mainly completely distracted and useless when it comes to work! Finding it just so hard to focus.

I admire all of you for your fortitude.
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Postby hjw » Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:12 pm

Hi Latie, just wanted to say why don't you come over to the March/April buddies thread under the IVF forum? We have quite a few ladies who are currently stimming, have just had ER or are about to, so you will be in good company! I know what you mean about finding it hard to focus on non-IVF things - I'm the same, I've had Clomid for 12 months, four unsuccessful IUI's and now we're onto our first IVF. I'm currently down regulating and won't have ER until mid-April - it still seems miles away but I can't think about anything else!

Hope all goes well for you and best of luck with your ER. 8-13 follicles sounds like a great result! Maybe see you on the March/April thread!
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