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Hello i am new here nice to meet u all

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Hello i am new here nice to meet u all

Postby laura-t » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:14 pm

Hello there i have just come across this site today and think its a fantastic idea. I am 25 and been together with my partner same age for 12 years, we have been trying for nearly 3 and a half years now and finally bit the bullet and went to the Dr's about 6 month ago. Had all test's i am fine but partner has a low count but motorbility fine. We had an appointment on tue gone and Consultant advised she refering us for IVF we get 3 free goes. I dont really know what to expect although after reading some stories on here know a little more. She cant even give us any idea of what kind of waiting time we are going to have to wait which i think is just crazy. I :lol: look forward to chatting more soon
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