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Donor in Rochester Hills, Mi

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Donor in Rochester Hills, Mi

Postby GraceWells » Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:50 pm


Sorry - I had to edit this post because I asked my friend to research areas I could put my ad up, and there was some information that was too identifying to put in a general post, at first!

My name is Grace and I am a 28 year old mother of two from Rochester, Michigan. I am hoping to find the right person (or couple) to donate my eggs to. Please send me an email only if you are serious about this!

My email is GraceWells248@gmail.com. (or you can message me here)

I am a medical student at the University of Michigan Medical School. This is a Top Ten Medical School, and the third most selective school in the US.

I am on leave between my second and third years, doing a public health project and writing. I plan on specializing in women's health issues, on a global level, after I complete my MD.

I hold a BS in Biology from Oakland University, which is in Rochester Hills, MI. I also grew up in Rochester Hills, and, fun fact, graduated from the same high school as Madonna. My BS was with Honors, for which I had to write a thesis. My thesis was on proposed mechanisms of action for a specific sub-type of cancer drug in clinical trials.

I worked in labs as an undergraduate: Biochemistry (published), Organic Chemistry, and Toxicology.

I also performed clinical research as an undergraduate at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit in the Emergency Department. I was involved with three trials there.

I am also a writer. I write both non-fiction and fiction. I have about 200 pages of a novel done, but I have put that off for the moment, because I just got the attention of this entertainment lawyer with a non-fiction book proposal. That is one reason for me taking a leave.

I was president of three student organizations, had a political radio show, and was the youngest person to be Treasurer of a State Political Party Committee. (in Michigan)

My best friend is Nigerian, and I did Nigerian dancing throughout high school and college.

I am an avid public speaker, and have done much work for organizations such as AWEC (African Women's Economic Consortium)

There is a lot more. I know, I know, I am an overachiever. But ONLY because I am a passionate person who believes fighting for what one believes in is very important.

My personal leave, for two years, besides giving me time to write my book, is the best because I can spend more time with my two year old son, and my four year old daughter. Both are beautiful and healthy!! I used midwives for both births. I gave birth naturally, and never tore or had an episiotomy. I am also a Certified Childbirth Educator.

I just turned 28 on November 18.

I founded and ran a real estate appraisal company for which he was an appraiser. The company was quite successful, but he was unable to keep it up when we separated.

I also play many instruments, and make electronic music. I have done some production work for friends. I will take pictures of my music room for you!

My daughter takes violin lessons, and she is two years younger than the other students in her music theory class at the Rochester Conservatory of Music. I also started in music playing violin. She takes ballet, tap, martial arts, and Spanish. I teach her some French at home.

My son is just now getting to be of the age where he can be in more classes. He is swimming now with my mother, who just retired.

My parents were both psychologists as a second career.

I can send you many pictures. I have Auburn hair, dark green/copper eyes, and perfect porcelain skin.

I do have a very healthy diet, and take care of myself.

If you want a very tall person, I cannot provide that. I am 5'2". However, my body is beautiful, proportioned, etc.

I will gladly email you my Curriculum Vitae, and any pictures or other information you would want to know.

I have been tested for the Cystic Fibrosis gene and I am negative.

I wish to devote my life to advocacy of underprivileged groups using medical knowledge, speaking, writing, teaching, possibly even music! I have used music (9 performers that night!) to put on a benefit I organized myself that over 500 people attended at a club in Detroit.

I believe that being an egg donor would be another way to contribute positively to the world, and also provide a way for me financially during my leave while I work on both my public health project and my writing.

I feel that my two healthy pregnancies and births, as well as my achievements in so many areas, and my (it sounds shallow, but I have to promote it, I guess) attractiveness are assets.

I hope you like what you have read, and want to learn and see more.

I take creation seriously! I think my record of not using pain mediation during labor, etc. shows that I really put baby first.

I hope that you get to experience the great joy of being parents. I think people complain about children a lot in this culture, and take them for granted.

Children don't have to cost a lot of money! They don't necessarily whine!

Babies and children teach us as much as we teach them, and that is why they are such a gift.

A couple of random extras... I have a great juicer and I use it every morning, and I practice yoga.

I would love to send more information and see if we make a good match!

I am also available to travel.

Warmest regards,
Grace Wells
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