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new to site but doing treatments for a while

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new to site but doing treatments for a while

Postby bellabug » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:18 am

I just have to thank all the people who write on these web sites.It has helped me so much in my fertility struggle.I have tried to be positive through all of this but some days it's harder then others & reading people's stories always gave me hope. Infetility has such a emotional drain which no one can understand but someone that has felt it.I sit here with a smile and a full heart because I finally got my BFP.It has only been 2years since we started our fertility struggles but in that 2yrs we have gone through alot..In that time we had 6iui's and 4 ivf cycles, not must rest inbetween cycles this has really taken a toll on my body & my mind..My dh is afraid to be happy right now due to past loses but I believe in baby steps in order to have a baby 1st step is to have a BFP thenstay pregnant..I'm still focusing on step one have to that before you can get the prize at the end. Here is my history

ME:34 almost 35 (PCOS & ENDO)
DH:27 perfect (thank god)
concieved naturally ( m/c 8wks)
6 IUI'S all BFN
1st IVF BFN ( 2 embryo's transfered)
2nd IVF chemical (2 embryo's transfered)
3rd IVF BFP beta 67 very low m/c that same week.( 2 embryo's transfered)
FET cancelled 32min before transfer only had 2 frosties & they did not survive the thaw..
4th IVF BFP 1st beta 11dpt 306 beta 2 more days( 3 embryo's transfered with assisted hatching)

All i can think of is what a strong solid number 306 is not like before when they were so low & I feel symptoms that I never felt before. I have never been so happy to feel so aweful before.It's just the best thing ever.my 1st ultra sound is on the 28th the my DH will be happy to no that the heart beat is strong. Since our 1st pregnancy when the heart beat was only 69 the it dropped to 50 then a week later it stopped.He was never more devastated in his life. So I think he needs to know that the heart beat is strong. I no this pregnancy is going to stay I have never felt this way even with the 1st pregnany.
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