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Please advice-New cycle, new meds-Menopur and Ganirelix

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Please advice-New cycle, new meds-Menopur and Ganirelix

Postby yui » Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I am new to the site, but been reading comments here and there and I am kind of lost on this cycle. Thank you for such inspiration posts. This is my 4th cycle. I had three fails IVF and I almost lost hope. I believe this cycle is the one. My doctor had prescribed me different medications. I used my partner sperms for the first cycles and reduced his to half (with donor sperms) for the second and his only one for the third one. After three fails, the doctor concluded that my body didn't produce good enough eggs, although it responded well with medications. I used to be one Lupron and GonalF (and all others) for all three cycles. Now I will be using Menopur, Ganirelix and GonalF. I have heard so many people had cussess with Menopur after many fail with other medications.

My cycle should start soon. I am waiting for my period to start. I was expecting it to come yesterday but it didn't and hopefully it comes today. My worry is that I don't know what my schedules would be when using these new medications. When I called my nurse, she always said call us on day 1 and will go from there. And today id Saturday and I am expecting my period. I am not sure if I have to start taking medication right away and I don't know if I can talk to some one at the clinic today.
Here are my questions"
1. When will I start taking medication after my period start?
2. ow long after start medication before I expect the retrieval to happen?
3. Any additional suggestion and comments would be really appreciated
Thank you so much and good luck to all of us!
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Re: Please advice-New cycle, new meds-Menopur and Ganirelix

Postby Sunshine1576 » Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:37 pm

As with starting meds, remember it varies with each clinic, some suggest trying an antagonist cycle where you start meds on day3 with not much waiting around. I had a good response with the antagonist cycle and prefer trying it again. Sometimes the doctor will put you on bcp to suppress the ovaries and give them better control of your cycle and this will delay when you'll start the meds. I read you've done this before, not sure about Menopur, but do know Ganirelix is very simular to Follistim which is used to stimulate follicle growth.

As for the retrieval, it all depends on how your responding to the meds, when are ripe and ready using u/s to make the determination. Most of all try to eat healthy and relax, maybe treat yourself to a nice massage. :D
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Re: Please advice-New cycle, new meds-Menopur and Ganirelix

Postby yui » Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:51 pm

Hi Sunshine,

Thank you for the reply. As I expected, today is my day1. It's Sunday and no one to call. I wish I had asked the doctor and the nurses about he outlines of the cycle. I probably don't have to take the medication on day 1, but I have no idea until reading some of the comments on this community page.

Thanks so much and good luck to you
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Re: Please advice-New cycle, new meds-Menopur and Ganirelix

Postby Foodfast04 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:46 am

Hello, guess, I'm reading this post little bit late I think, just like to know did you solve your problem. I mean if you already solved it let know how. Thanks.
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