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Postby elaine uk » Thu Jul 15, 2004 5:27 pm

have not been on the site for a while, although have left Dagny a message on the General Forum, been catching up.

The last 12 weeks have been up and down, but graduly getting back to normal now(what ever that is :lol: ).

Just wanted to see if you can help with a query and did not know where to post for it.

I have been referred back to our clinic and we went back for our follow up appointment at the end of june. they said we could try again. great news However as I had not had a period in this time they did a blood test, only for the results to say that there was still some HGC hormone left. I have been back for the last 3 week and my levels range from 13 to 9 and back to 10. I know this level is very low and I cannot book any treatment in until below 5.

Just wondering if any of you guys experienced anthing like this.


elaine uk
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Postby Dagny » Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:38 am

Hi Elaine

So good to hear from you. I was wondering how you were getting on these days.

I don't know the answer to your question about your bloods and levels but I really hope they sort themselves out soon.

I am on day 5 of my 2ww and it's awful. Maybe my desparation is making it worse for me. I am convinced I will never fall PG again and Katelyn was my only chance but I have to try to be positive a I have those 2 little embies inside me and I am desparate for one or both to take but it's all down to fate now.

Hopefully you will be able to get going again soon once things have settled down. I won't lie to you - it's bloody hard as you feel like 'whats the point'. I did it before, I got pregnant and I shouldn't have to do this again. I never thought I would have to do it all again and here I am on my 4th 2ww and I am losing the plot.

Take care Elaine and keep in touch.

Much love Dagny xkx
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7th +ve - DD Chloë Mae born @38wks our precious miracle
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