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Ghost- Bleeding during stimulation

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Ghost- Bleeding during stimulation

Postby BlissfulCS » Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:59 pm


My RE prescribed cytotec to soften my cervix prior to ET. I took it vaginally last night and had horrible cramping and light bleeding. My beautiful lining was perfect and 9mm yesterday. I am on day 8 of stims. My clinic does day 2 transfers and I suspect I will be triggering tomorrow night. This means I am only 5 days from transfer.

The cramping and bleeding has stopped (still a small about of residual bleeding now that I am up and moving around).

I don't think the bleeding was just cervical, there was a small amount of clotting. All together probably about half a pad worth of blood with minimal clotting.

I am sort of confused as to why we did the cytotec so close to transfer. Any ideas? Any chance that my lining could still be ready and that I will be able to transfer?

I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and will have the answers I suppose but would love your thoughts.

Thanks in Advance,


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