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Low sperm count

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Low sperm count

Postby chocohazel » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:58 pm

Hi guys

I have recently joined this forum . I just wana say you guys are doing a great job being a support system for many people our there trying to have children. Your success stories give us encouragment and hope.

I am here for my brother who was recently diagnosed with severe male infertility.
Cant explain how heartbreaking it is for him and for our family since no one had this issue .hardly even heard about 'low sperm counts and poor motility and morphology.
His first SA came out as 400,000 only then his doc prescribed multivitamins and tested for another SA after 3 months it was worse!! Instead of getting better it dropped to 100,000 only but motility and morphology got a little better than before.. They have advised them to go for ivf/icsi so hopefully they are gona start that.

My question is how successful this procedure is? Is it possible for my bro and his wife to conceive with such low counts..
Have there been any failed attempts? And what are the reasons for that?

doc also did his genetic testing for infertility i think thats for the x and y chromosomes but it came out fine and negative . We are still not getting why he have low sperm counts:( . The couple wants a baby badly my bro always loved kids.. I just hope this treatment gives them their baby.. Hopeing for some good stories
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Re: Low sperm count

Postby fertilesolution » Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:32 am

Low sperm count could be due to Structural abnormalities, Testicular injuries/trauma, Infections such as mumps virus, Environmental and lifestyle factors.

if your bother not checked all these, please ask your brother check all these.
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