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bleeding after et

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bleeding after et

Postby frances » Sat Oct 26, 2002 1:35 pm

Hi <br> I am new here and really need some advice.I had et yesterday which was ok but I had some light bleeding/spotting in the evening.<br>I am now really worried that it is all over for us.Can anyone help?<br> Frances
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bleeding after et

Postby DEBORAH » Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:05 pm

Frances<br>Don't worry to much about any spotting so early on. <br>My hospital told me that i may have some spotting for the first couple of days after et which i did and they say that this can happen cause they cleaned the lining of my womb and with all the messing about inside its no wonder something comes away.<br>I would contact your hospital if the bleeding is heavy or continous between going to loo.<br>Drink lots of water as well.<br>GOOD LUCK<br>Love Debsx
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