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Frustrating,Negative HPT but not yet bleed,Can anyone help?

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Frustrating,Negative HPT but not yet bleed,Can anyone help?

Postby serenehwc » Thu Jul 28, 2005 6:33 am

I'm 34 now. I tried my 1st IVF two years ago. It failed and started to bleed exactly 14 days after egg retrieval ER. No frosties were left. Now I'm having my 2nd attempt. Yesterday was 18d post ER(i.e. 16d post embryo transfer ET) and I didn't start to bleed. I went happily to the IVF clinic to have the urine test,only to find a negative result. Dr said that negative meant not pregnant and I was asked to have another urine test a week later.
I'm now very frustrated. Shouldn't menstruation start exactly 14d post ER as the IVF cycle is closely monitored by hormonal medications (also from my experience two yrs ago)? I had a progesterone shot 6d post ET. Did it have any effect on mense not showing up(though I also had that 2 yrs ago)? Is anything more complicated or serious happening to me? Do I still have chance of pregancy?

Have any one here come across similar situations? Please help :cry:
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Postby DebraP » Thu Jul 28, 2005 10:53 am

Hi there, sorry about your -ve result yesterday. I don't know what's worse bleeding during the 2ww and having the disappointment then or not bleeding and hoping for a +ve, I guess I'd prefer the former (and have had both). AF not showing during the 2ww or immediately afterwards is extremely normal. The medications may have regulated your cycle but that doesn't mean AF shows up as expected. A late AF is the norm I think. You can expect it fairly soon though, within the next 2 weeks for sure. Have a look at some of the other forums, I think there's a couple of active threads on this subject on either 'Infertility' or 'IVF'

Good luck and feel free to join in the chatting. There are always lots of women who are waiting for tmt to begin, as well as those recovering from -ves, we do understand and most of us have the scars to prove it.

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Postby Sand » Thu Jul 28, 2005 4:08 pm

Hi there - Just to say Welcome to the Site, and say how sorry I am that you've had a 2nd unsuccesful cycle. To echo what Debra has said, I too have had AF show during 2ww, and then delayed by a few days on a different cycle. Nothing follows in this game !

Take care
Sandra x
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