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New & looking for advice

Postby bella-s » Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:07 am

I stumbled across this site last week after a BFN on a FET. I was in a really down mood, and was looking for information on how I can improve my chances for my next FET (I am now day 7).

Everyone seems to have a lot of really good information, and it helped me to see that everyone has similar stories, and similar emotions that they go through with all of this. The FET was my first real attempt because my first cycle was cancelled due to severe OHSS - I spent 7 nights in hospital on a drip, which was awful. I put on 13kgs & 18 centremetrs around my stomach - all in a couple of days. It was a big blow because everyone seemed to think that it would be a piece of cake for us because of our age (I am 29 & my husband is 33) - but it wasn't, and the disappointment was massive. Sometimes I feel my doctor & nurses are spread too thin, and don't offer all the advice & information I need to go through what is the biggest deal of my life at the moment. Reading some of your posts last week was a big help.

I also read about NicolaMark telling her boss about going through IVF, and the regrets - I read this after making my decision to tell my boss, and became a bit nervous about my decision. My job is pretty stressful at the moment, and I couldn't keep something that was taking up so much of my emotional space from work any more. I am pleased to say that he was very helpful, and is basically giving me the decision on how I want to handle this - whether I go part time, reduce my workload etc. I think it's hope for others out there who want to be upfront about this with their work (though not all bosses are as helpful).

Has anyone else had severe OHSS and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I am trying to have a PMA for this FET, and am going to take the week off after the transfer - last transfer I had to get on a 20+ hour flight for work. But I'm concerned - I only have 4 embryos left, and we are transfering 2 at a time, so potentially only 2 more FET attempts at best. I am scared about going through egg stimulation again.

Can anyone give me some good news about successful FET's, or any advice on how I can put my self in the best possible position for a successful pregnancy?

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Postby souris » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:14 am

Hi Bella and welcome to the site!

I am so sorry for your BFN, and also for your bad experience with OHSS...
I agree with you, sometines doctors are not informative enough, (I never heard of the risk of OHSS before coming to this site!)

I cant help you for FET (I did not have any embryos to freeze), you should post on the general forum and you will have get more answers, there is also a FET thread for all of you ladies going through it, with I am sure, plenty of successful pregnancies storries!

Your boss sounds great! Good idea to take a week off, as you need to be relaxed... PMA is very important so keep faith, and as you said, i think your age is an advantage (I am 23!!)

Good luck, take care

Lots of love
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Postby Sand » Fri Oct 28, 2005 4:56 pm

Hi Bella

Glad you've found us ! There are many FET sucess stories on this Site, so you've every reason to be full of that PMA. I wish you all the luck in the world for a BFP this time around. There's just no accounting for it you know - it's all down to luck of the draw I reckon !

Sandra x
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