IVF in the Czech Republic, which clinics?

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IVF in the Czech Republic, which clinics?

Post by Deb40 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:42 pm

Hi there,
After failed IVF/IMSI in London, we are thinking of going to the Czech Republic (mainly because of the price). I have read good things about all the clinics, but there is a relatively new clinic in Prague called Gynem that I'd like to know more about, does anyone on here have an experiences with them? We want to have IMSI (it's like ICSI but sperm is more magnified) and not all of the clinics do it - the ones that do are Gennet, Gynem and Cube as far as I can tell. So any advice on the other clinics would be great, too.

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Re: IVF in the Czech Republic, which clinics?

Post by xenia » Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:40 pm

Czech clinics are becoming more and more popular, some of them with good success rate. Also (more expensive) there are fertility clinics in Austria. Similar to Czech prices there are ivf programmes in Poland. Three best Polish fertility clinics (ESHRE reports) are Bocian (success rate-45), Invicta (ivf all inclusive 2 800 Euro, eggs freezing- 1 500 Euro) and Criobank (success rate 37.6). Both countries (Poland and Czech rep) are low cost with great transport options. Both countries are worth visiting. Additionally clinics in Poland are experienced with international patients, some of them have designed a scheme of 3 visits. So if you consider ivf abroad, also check and compare Polish clinics. Hope info will be practical.

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