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Examines who might benefit from infertility counseling.

Who might benefit from counseling?

What is the role of a counselor?

There are certain groups of patients who are likely to benefit from counseling.

  • Patients who donate eggs, sperm or embryos.
  • Patients who receive eggs, sperm or embryos.
  • Patients who use surrogacy or adoption.
  • Patients who experience great distress such as depression.
  • Patients considered to be at risk such as those with a history of psychiatric illness and substance abuse.
  • Patients with a dysfunctional marriage.
  • Patients who require genetic counseling.
  • Patients who seek treatment because of their social circumstances such as single women or lesbians using donor sperm, or gays who use surrogacy to achieve parenthood.

Some infertile couples do not take up offers of counseling for a variety of reasons. Some feel they can cope with the stress of infertility using the resources available such as supporting fmily and friends. Others feel unsure about how to get such help.

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