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Embryo freezing

Reviews current legislation surrounding the length of time that frozen embryos can be stored.

How long can frozen embryos be stored?

Cleaved embryo seen under light microscope.

Different countries have different regulation concerning the length of time that embryos can be frozen. In the United Kingdom, Embryos can be stored for a maximum of 10 years.

Transfer of frozen embryos from one center to another

Couples have the right to have their embryos transferred from one center to another. If the center is outside the United Kingdom HFEA has to be informed.

The first step to transfer embryos from one centre to another is to write to the centre which has the couple's embryos stored in order to release the embryos. Consent from both partners is required. The couple will need to take responsibility of the embryos once they leave the center. The embryos are transferred using a small liquid nitrogen container specially designed.

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