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Details the adoption of children overseas, known as international adoption.

Overseas adoption

When local resources have been explored and a scarcity of available children requires a long waiting, overseas adoption may be considered. Adopting a child from overseas is neither an easy option nor a quicker route for adoption and involves a lot of patience, careful planning and often a long and tedious legal process. Adoption procedures differ from country to country. The adoption procedure can be very complicated and will vary from case to case. Consultation with a lawyer is advisable to obtain information on the adoption laws, immigration and naturalization.

In the UK, current information on adoption procedure can be obtained from Home office and the council in London for the country hoping to adopt from. The adopting parents should ensure from the start that the child is available to be legally adopted. To make this enquiry, adopting parents are advised to go to the social welfare department of the country they wish to adopt from.

The total cost of overseas adoption is between 6,000 to 10,000 Sterling in the UK and between 15,000 and 35,000 American dollar. The costs covers the fees for adoption agency, travel expenses and possibly fees to the authoritities in the child country of origin.

Couples adopting foreign children in the USA must satisfy US service regulation, including a federal security check. Foreign children usually become naturalized citizen of their adopted parents country. Several national organizations provide information concerning adoption.

Post adoption services

Many couples welcome the support and help which is available to them and their children after adoption. There are several useful addresses related to adoption that may prove useful to couples seeking adoption.

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