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Provides links to infertility related sites and organisations.

Infertility groups in the United Kingdom (UK)

Relevant links regarding infertility.

What follows is a series of addresses and contacts that might be helpful:

Infertility Network UK (INUK)
Is a UK infertility support network, and offers information and support to anyone affected by fertility problems. and provides factsheets, a quarterly magazine, publications, medical advice including helplines, local groups and local and national meetings. Members receive independent individual support. They can be contacted at:
Tel: 0800 008 7464
E-mail: admin@infertilitynetwork.com
A lobbying organization campaigning for NHS funding for all infertility treatment on an equal basis across the UK. Gives advice on the current situation with regard to NHS funding and on campaigning/lobbying activities. They can be contacted at:
PO Box 2106, London W1A 3DZ
Tel: 0800716345
UK National support group for parents of children born after assisted conception treatment whether through pregnancy, surrogacy or adoption & fostering.
Klinefelter Syndrome Association
Provides information and support for men with Klinefelter Syndrome.
They can be contacted at:
56 Little Yeldham Road. Little Yeldham. Halstead. Essex CO9 4QT
Tel:0845 230 0047
Provides information on fertility and genetics and promotes discussion on ethical and legal implications.
Tel:020 7278 7870

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