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Provides links to donor insemination groups in the United Kingdom (UK).

Donor insemination groups in the United Kingdom (UK)

Links to donor insemination groups in the United Kingdom (UK).

What follows is a series of addresses and contacts that might be helpful:

Provides contact and support for those who have children, or plan family creation, conceived using donated gametes through donor insemination (DI) and IVF with donor sperm or donated eggs. They can be contacted at:
P O Box 265, Sheffield S3 7YX
Tel: 0181 245 4369
FAX: 0181 245 4369
National Gamete Donation
UK government charity to raise awareness and seek ways to alleviate the national shortage of sperm, egg and embryo donors. They can be contacted at:
Tel: 0845 226 9193
Provide information on egg donation.
St Mary's Hospital, Whiteworth Park
Manchester M13 OJH
Tel: 0161 276 6000
Fax: 0161 224 0957
The Donor Conception netwrok
A source of information and support to existing parents, to those conceived through gamete donation and to those contempting or undergoing treatment.
http:// www.donor-conception-network.org

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