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Details the investigations taken to determine a female cause of infertility.

Identifying causes of female infertility

Investigations in females.

Your doctor will perform a general physical examination to determine if you have any underlying physical abnormalities or hormonal disorders. A pelvic examination (internal examination) is usually performed to inspect the cervical mucus, position and size of the uterus and exclude the possibility of any ovarian cysts or pelvic tenderness. Your doctor may take a swab from the neck of the womb and vagina to check for chlamydia and other infections. Both partners should be treated if the swab detects chlamydia to limit the risk of infection. Both Doxycycline and Azithomycin are effective treatments for chlamydia.

Thereafter, your doctor will order initial investigations to examine the functions of the reproductive system and to determine the presence of any systemic or hormonal disorders.

A single test abnormality does not necessarily mean that a problem exists and the test may need to be repeated to confirm that it is a persistent problem.

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