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Sperm donation

Details the artificial insemination donor procedure, where sperm are placed in the female reproductive tract.

Artificial insemination donor (AID)

Artificial insemination is a surgical procedure.

The term artificial insemination donor is the placement of frozen thawed donor sperm in the female reproductive tract. A straw of the matched donor sperm is thawed and rechecked under the microscope to see that the sperm are actively motile before being used. Sperm may be placed in the vagina (vaginal insemination), cervix (intracervical insemination), cavity of the womb (intrauterine insemination) or inside the pelvis near the tubes and ovaries (Intraperitoneal insemination).

The husband or male partner is encouraged to be present at the time of insemination.

Couples using donor sperm should be offered intrauterine insemination in preference to intracervical insemination because it improves pregnancy rates.

Women who are ovulating regularly should be offered a minimum of 6 cycles of donor insemination without ovarian stimulation in order to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy and its consequences.

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