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Counseling (counselling)

Highlights the importance and types of counseling.

The psychological and sociological implications of infertility on the infertile couples are well recognized. From the minute couples realize that they have difficulty in having a child, every step they make in the pathway to achieve this dream can add to their emotional turmoil and financial and physical strain. Infertility, its investigation and treatment can cause significant stress. Added to this, the social and family pressure.

Couples are continually reminded of their inability and sense of failure every month when the woman menstruates. Even simple tasks such as daily measurements of woman’s temperature to detect ovulation can be painful.

Kondaveeti and colleagues reported in Human Reproduction Journal (2011) that women have a more open attitude in discussing infertility and seeking support from friends and family compared to men.

Taking the first step towards infertility treatment

It takes a lot of courage for the couples to see their family doctor with request of infertility investigations. The family doctor enquiries about the intimate aspects of your relationship may be stressful. Care and skill needs to be taken and explanation of the purpose of the tests are essential.

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