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Rectal electroejaculation (REE)

Details the use of rectal electroejaculation (REE), and to whom it is recommended.

The rectal electroejaculation (REE) technique is used to collect semen from men who are unable to ejaculate. The technique has been used in animals since 1930s and in man since 1948 onwards. The aim of rectal electroejaculation (REE) is to directly stimulate the seminal vesicles.

To whom rectal electroejaculation (REE) is recommended?

There are selected groups of patients to whom rectal electroejaculation (REE) is recommended.

Men with spinal cord injuries

The majority of spinal cord injuries are among young men. About 5% of these men are likely to achieve pregnancies with their partners without assistance. The loss of fertility in these men is due to a decline of sperm quality, impotence and ejaculatory failure. About 50% of them may able to achieve ejaculation with the use of penile vibrators. Men who are unable to ejaculate by other means, should be offered rectal electroejaculation.

Diabetic men

Sexual dysfunction is common in insulin dependent diabetics. Rectal electroejaculation (REE) may be advised for men who are unable to achieve erection and ejaculation.

Men with multiple sclerosis

Men with multiple sclerosis who are unable to achieve erection and ejaculation.

Impotent men

Men who are impotent and or unable to ejaculate because of psychosexual problems may be offered rectal electroejaculation after failed psychosexual treatment.

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