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Choosing an IVF clinic

Provides information on how to choose an IVF clinic. Includes listing of all licensed UK IVF centres.

How do you choose a centre?

There are several factors which may influence your choice of IVF clinic. The following is a list of factors to consider when choosing your centre. The relative importance of each of the points depends on your individual preferences and requirements.

A recent survey of the users of this site ranked the factors as follows:

Features of clinic Success rate (most important)
Quality of service
Distance from home
Special expertise e.g. ICSI
Cost of treatment
Availability of counseling (least important)
Finding out about clinic Recommendation by a medical doctor (most important)
Information pack provided by the clinic
Recommendation by friends or family
Internet advertising
Adverts in newspapers and magazines
Radio advertising
Television advertising (least important)

Data adapted from Marcus et al. 2005 Fertility and Sterility

The site lists all licensed IVF clinics in the United Kingdom according to county/area. If you live in the US, information about US IVF centres by region is available. We do apologize for not providing similar lists of the other overseas IVF clinics. We are currently exploring the possibility of linking to external websites to provide this information.

All information about the UK IVF centres is adapted from the HFEA publication "The Patients Guide to IVF Clinics 2008".

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