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Protocols and guidelines for managing surrogacy

Details the consulation of genetic couples and the surrogate, precedes surrogacy treatment.

Most infertility clinics have protocols and guidelines for managing surrogacy. Such clinics only accept couples for treatment if both the genetic and host couples fulfill their criteria.


Consultation with a medical doctor to assess whether the couple are medically suitable for treatment.

Assessment of genetic couples

For IVF surrogacy in the UK, the ages of commissioning genetic couple should be under 35 years for women and under 55 year for men. In natural surrogacy, no restrictions are placed on the mans age.

An in depth review of the medical history from both partners and a physical examination is normally performed. The male partner will usually have a semen analysis.

Assessment of the host - the carrier

The ideal surrogate should be married or in a stable relationship and relatively young, less than 38 years old to minimize the obstetric risk to the host and her family. It is also preferable if the surrogate has at least one previous live birth without complications.

In addition, it is important that potential surrogates do not have habits of smoking, alcohol, illicit drug use, or a history of medical disorders such as diabetes or Rhesus (Rh) antibodies that could jeopardize the health of the fetus.

In order to ensure the above criteria are met, the patients medical history is reviewed, physical and internal examinations are performed, and the surrogates uterus is evaluated by ultrasound scan or hysteroscopy. Furthermore, a psychological evaluation is usually carried out.

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