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Details additional tests that may be used in investigating male infertility.

Additional tests

There are additional tests which may provide more information about male infertility. These tests include:

Semen culture

Semen culture to check for infection.

Biochemical analysis of the semen

to measure certain chemicals in the semen such as fructose, and vital staining to determine the number of live and dead sperm.

The peroxidase staining test

This is used to differentiate immature sperm form white blood cells.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Measuring ROS in the seminal fluid (A low level of reactive oxygen species enhance the physiological process required for fertilisation. However, high level of ROS is associated with sperm DNA damage and the integrity of sperm DNA is an important factor in embryo development). What causes increase in the level of ROS? There are many causes including prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), varicocele, genital and urinary infection, heat exposure, excessive exercise, obesity, chemical pollutants, smoking, alcohol, ultraviolet light, and heavy metal exposure.

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