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Details ultrasound scanning of the scrotum to check for abnormalities such as varicocele and cysts.

Ultrasound scanning of the scrotum

Testicle ultrasound is an imaging test that examines the testicles, epididymis ,and the blood flow to both testes inside the scrotum..It is a valuable tool for evaluating the cause of male infertility such as varicocele and hydrocele. It may also diagnose abnormalities such as a mass or cyst inside the scrotum. .

How is the procedure performed?

No special preparation is needed for this test .The patient is asked to remove the pants and trousers and positioned on an examination bed lying face-up with the legs spread. Lubricant gel is applied to the scrotum to secure contact and eliminate air pockets between the ultrasound probe and the scrotal skin. The probe is then moved over the scrotum. In certain cases, Doppler ultrasound may help identify blood flow inside the scrotum. The investigation does not hurt, there may be a little discomfort. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes to perform . There are no known risks or side effects of ultrasound scanning. It does not involve ionising radiation.

Ultrasound scanning of the scrotum.

 ultrasound scan demonstrating normal testicle.

 ultrasound scan demonstrating varicocele.

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