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Artificial insemination procedure

Details intravaginal insemination as a treatment option for infertile couples.

Intravaginal insemination

This is very rarely performed, but still has a place for couples in whom the female’s partner ovulates regularly. The male partner is unable to ejaculate into his wife’s vagina but can ejaculate by other means such as by masturbation or by using a penile vibrator and the sperm count and quality are good.

Timing of intravaginal insemination

The precise timing of insemination is important. Inseminations should be timed to occur around ovulation. Ovulation predictors such as 'clear plan' to predict urine LH surge are more accurate than measurement of basal body temperature or evaluating your cervical mucus. Insemination is performed about 24 hours after the surge.

The intravaginal insemination procedure

The male partner collects his semen into a sterile pot and then withdraws the whole specimen into a sterile syringe. Thereafter, the female partner or wife places the semen into her vagina using the syringe 'self insemination'. Care should be taken not to inject air into the vagina. The biggest advantages of this procedure are convenience and privacy of being performed at home and it only cost the price of a 'clear plan', a sterile pot and a syringe.

Success rates of intravaginal insemination

Success rates are in the region of 5-10% per treatment cycle.

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